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Hey, I'm Finley! I'm a full time motion graphics artist/illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. I am a lover of all things animation and I try to bring as much whimsey and joy to my work as possible.

I graduated from Skidmore College with a B.S. in Studio Art, concentrating in Communication Design and Oil Painting. During my time there, I took a Motion Design class and immediately fell in love! It combined my passions for illustration and problem solving as well as my life long fascination with animation. I haven't looked back since!


I currently work at StudioRX, the in-house animation studio for IPGHealth, where I'm trusted with a wide range of projects. My favorite pieces play with color, texture and characters in particular.


In my spare time I love waving at all of the dogs in the dog park near my apartment and making my partner smell all of the perfume samples I just bought. 

Lets make something great together

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